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Just a Demo...

2010-12-05 02:02:49 by Travman245

That one I just posted was a Demo. Does anyone have any funny ideas that I could put in there?


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2010-12-05 09:37:53

Yeah I voted 4.

Travman245 responds:

Thanks! But do you have any ideas for it? If you don't, it's ok.


2010-12-05 12:46:18

Good news! I just added some Tv static between each parody, so it gets a little better. Anyone have any funny ideas?


2010-12-05 21:00:37

Yeah, I voted to keep it. It's a little taste of what's to come and I think it'll be interesting when you have something. As for ideas, I have nothing in particular in mind, especially any that haven't been done before. Though if you want to experiment with ideas, how about some shorts to give yourself an idea of what works and what doesn't?

Hope that helps.