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My Channel on YouTube!

2010-12-06 11:03:47 by Travman245

Here! You can check out my channel on YouTube.

Just a Demo...

2010-12-05 02:02:49 by Travman245

That one I just posted was a Demo. Does anyone have any funny ideas that I could put in there?

Maybe not Hacked...

2010-12-04 12:13:28 by Travman245

Well what I meant was that if you enter a Serial number that is invalid, Adobe made a big mistake and lets you open Flash anyway.
Here is the link with all of the Serial Numbers:
(Though some might not work)
Click Here

Awesome News!

2010-12-04 12:07:27 by Travman245

Hey! I just hacked Flash and I can us it with invalid Serial Numbers! Awesome! Also, I am making a Sonic Parody. Well, there are alot of them in one. But it isn't coming out for a while because I'm still getting ideas.

Good news! I finally made my first post! So I guess I need to keep this account!